PSE Restructuring and Support


is a key


In those difficult moments when your company might be required to respond in a rigorous, determined and ethical manner, MANAGING is committed to supporting you.

Team coaching

Change phases within an organization are always bound to challenge the collective balance, as they reorganize and question individual interactions as well as team dynamics.

Our intervention aims precisely to support and rationalise any reshuffling, in close alignment with the context and needs of your organisation: formulation of objectives, identification and overcoming of problems, development and implementation of concrete solutions.


The negotiation of a PSE involves a transition period whose management is crucial. The related uncertainties put both the company and its employees to the test on many levels. In order to supervise, facilitate, and humanise the process, our consultants deploy their know-how and expertise in HR engineering at different levels of intervention:

  • Crisis communication and management
  • Training managers to steer change
  • PSE steering: support for the legal drafting of the file
  • Securing the social climate
  • Setting up a listening unit
  • Psychosocial risk prevention


Detailed knowledge of employment areas, extensive networks of regional players, and human investment : these three means form the cornerstone of our downstream support for employees, for whom we obtain a reclassification rate of over 88%. Among our actions :

  • Facilitating Counselling Information Spaces (French EIC)
  • Voluntary Leave Plan (French PDV) support
  • Setting up a job site
  • Helping to develop and implement revitalisation agreements

Reorganisation or restructuring, talk to our consultants.