Individual Support


is a key


At every decisive moment in the professional life of your staff, we are there to take them further.


In order to unleash the potential of your managers, maintain their motivation, and remove the obstacles that prevent them from taking action or widening their mental scope, we offer our individual coaching which relies on the use of tools for self-knowledge, neurolinguistic programming exercises, and communication/ professional simulations, all of this to enable them to quickly reach their highest level of performance.

Assessment Center

You wish to evaluate the abilities of new candidates? Identify the internal mobility potential of your employees? We work with you to develop dedicated competency frameworks and tailor-made situational tests.

Attentive and committed, our teams of consultants and psychologists provide a wide-ranging perspective on these results as well as on the related debriefing.

Objectives: to diversify, secure and grow your human capital, impartially.

Individual outplacement

A professional split is also an opportunity to relaunch a career. It is on the basis of this conviction that we support your employees in their external mobility dynamics.

Listening, valuing, orienting and mobilising our networks within local employment areas: these are the cornerstones of our personalised and, of course, confidential support sessions.

Skills assessment

Far from just being a trigger to leave the company, the skills assessment is also a motivator for your employees.

In either scenario, our consultants work to build a fulfilling and realistic professional project with your employees who opt to do so.

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